Active longevity

Non-surgical and drug-free method of recovery
The opportunity to play sports and lead an active lifestyle at any age
Stabilization of blood pressure
Strengthens bones and joints
Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease
3 procedures
8 procedures
Features procedures:
The technology «Aqua Tornado» is based on the mechanisms of action that reveal the amazing ability of our body to self-regulation, self-healing and rejuvenation
Stimulates intensive detoxification, which promotes the removal of toxins
Instantly and effectively restore and activate the circulatory system of the circulatory system, lymph system and intercellular fluid
Improves intracellular nutrition, microcirculation of substances in the body, accelerates metabolic and recovery processes, restores fluid movement in the intercellular space
Promotes the movement of impulses along the nerve fibers, which has a positive effect on brain activity and has a positive effect on functional disorders of the nervous system
You can forget about your age in the passport and what are "age-related diseases"
* Стоимость программы указана без учета спецпредложений. Подробное описание программ и противопоказания уточнять у консультанта компании Aqua Tornado.
The course fee also includes:
1. Salt + Soda
2. Functional water Aqua Tornado
3. Club program "Active Longevity"
4. Disposable underwear
5. Diving kit
6. Tea collection "No pressure" + pouch
7. Tea collection "Vitamin" + bag
8 Customer questionnaire (measurements, photos)
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