Increased excitability, anxiety, anxiety, fatigue and "burnout" at work go away
Sleep is restored
It becomes easier to wake up
Migraines and headaches gone away
Increases muscle tone and endurance of the body, total energy increase
3 procedures
8 procedures
Features procedures:
Non-drug way to eliminate chronic stress, chronic fatigue syndrome
Acts on all acupuncture points on the body, relaxes nerve endings, relieves clamps, spasms, tension, helps to normalize sleep
Stimulates the autonomic system and "reboots" the body
Beneficially affects the work of the cardiovascular system
Helps to cope with diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Improves metabolism, enhances immunity, stimulates regenerative processes in tissues, improves and refreshes skin tone
Brain activity is activated, increases concentration of attention
* Стоимость программы указана без учета спецпредложений. Подробное описание программ и противопоказания уточнять у консультанта компании Aqua Tornado.
Improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, stabilizes blood pressure, relieves headaches
Helps to restore strength, increase the body's performance, restore emotional background
Facilitates the correction of aesthetic problems, as it creates favorable conditions for normal trophism and detoxification of the skin
The course fee also includes:
1. Sea salt
2. Herbal infusion
3. Magnesium
4. Functional water Aqua Tornado
5. Diet recommendations
6. Exercise recommendations
7. Recommendations for breathing
8. Herbal tea (500 gr) + bag
9. Diving kit
10. Disposable underwear
11. Client questionnaire (measurements, photos)
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