Body aesthetic

Volume reduction from 5 cm
Weight reduction up to 10 kg without training and strict diets
Elimination of cellulite, edema, stretch marks
Elastic and tightened breasts
Lifting effect on problem areas (arms, sides, ribs, inner thighs, abdomen, back)
3 procedures
8 procedures
Features procedures:
It has a positive effect on the tone of the vascular walls of the body, improves blood microcirculation and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues.
Bruises, scratches, scars, stretch marks, striae will go away very fast
Provides intense hydration, increases skin turgor, replenishes its texture, enhances protective functions, leaves flabbiness
Strengthens the muscle frame and literally makes the muscles of the whole body work
Has a lymphatic drainage effect, cleansing the body, eliminates edema and congestion
Normalizes metabolism, removes excess fluid
Reduces weight, improves silhouette, shapes the waist
Losing weight without "rolling back" to the previous weight
* Стоимость программы указана без учета спецпредложений. Подробное описание программ и противопоказания уточнять у консультанта компании Aqua Tornado.
The course fee also includes:
1. Dead Sea balneological salt
2. Saki Salt
3. Sea salt + Soda
4. Nourishing lotion (50 ml)
5. Firming lotion (50 ml)
6. Cream for stretch marks (50 ml)
7. Functional water Auqa Tornado
9. Detox set
10. Diet recommendations
11. Exercise recommendations
12. Centimeter tape
13. Disposable underwear
14. Swimming kit
15. Customer questionnaire (measurements, photos)
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