Body restoration without surgery

Wrinkles and "rings of Venus" are smoothed and the risk of their further development is reduced for several years
Laxity and grayness of the skin of the face, bags under the eyes go away
Scars, scars and age spots become less visible
Skin looks fresh and radiant
A clear V-shaped contour of the face and neck is restored
3 procedures
8 procedures
Features procedures:
Has a lymphatic drainage effect, improves microcirculation and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues
-Stimulates blood circulation, provides intense hydration, increases skin tone and turgor, enhances its protective functions
Relieves spasms of the muscles of the neck and face, brings them to muscle tone without the intervention of surgeons and returns soft tissues to a higher position "as in youth"
Has a pronounced rejuvenating and whitening effect without mechanical damage to the skin
Promotes cell renewal and elimination of toxins, has a rejuvenating effect on the face and neck
Promotes gentle scrubbing of the scalp, nourishment of hair follicles, lifting facial tissues, has an ophthalmic effect
"Flew", double chin, "Puppet folds"are passed away
* Стоимость программы указана без учета спецпредложений. Подробное описание программ и противопоказания уточнять у консультанта компании Aqua Tornado.
Revitalizes muscles and helps to build "young" subcutaneous fat in the breast area
Revitalizes muscles and helps to build up "young" subcutaneous fat in the breast area.
A beautiful line of cheekbones, characteristic of a young person, is formed
Elastic and toned breasts
The course fee also includes:
1. Saki Salt
2. Moisturizing face mask (60 ml)
3. Firming face mask (60 ml)
4. Aroma oil
5. Breathing tube
6. Diving kit
7. Disposable underwear
8. Functional water Aqua Tornado
9. Customer questionnaire (measurements, photos)
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