Buttocks 3D

Body volumes are reduced by 2-5 cm
Weight is reduced to 5 kg without training and strict diets
Visible manifestations of cellulite, fat deposits in the abdomen, sides and "breeches" zone disappear
The skin on the inner side of the thigh is tightened
The waist and hips become beautiful natural shape
3 procedures
8 procedures
Features procedures:
Stimulates the work of the gluteal muscles, so that they tighten and tone without training, stretching and injuries
Breaks down excess fatty tissue on the buttocks
Helps to form a thin waist, create an ideal shapes through the correct distribution of abdominal fat
Strengthens the muscle frame without pressure on the spine and joints, which allows you to improve posture and a smooth gait
Removes fluid congestion in the pelvic area and hips, lymph begins to properly distribute interstitial fluid throughout the body, cleanses and rejuvenates cells from the inside
Eliminates stretch marks, bruises
*The cost of the program is indicated without taking into account special offers. For a detailed description of the programs and contraindications, contact the consultant of the Aqua Tornado company.

The course fee also includes:
1. Himalayan pink salt
2. Anti-cellulite lotion (50ml)
3. Diet recommendations
4. Exercises recommendations
5. Functional water Auqa Tornado
6. Centimeter tape
7. Diving kit
8. Disposable underwear
9. Customer questionnaire (measurements, photos)
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