Rehabilitation after diseases

3 procedures
8 procedures
Features procedures:
Strengthens local blood circulation, promotes the outflow of lymph and internal organs, stimulates the immune system
Actively helps to restore the human functions impaired by the disease and has a complex therapeutic effect on the body, including:
Activates non-functioning capillaries, activates the internal reserves of the body, resulting in:
- normalization of microcirculation of blood and lymph;
- restoration, straightening and expansion of microvessels of the circulatory system and connective tissue in general, and acceleration of blood flow in them;
- improves metabolism, stimulates tissue nutrition, eliminates congestion;
- resorption of various pathological deposits;
- elimination of toxic substances from the body;
- activation of the functions of internal organs;
- splitting of fat cells;
- removal of muscle spasms, stress;
- deep cleaning of the skin.
It will help to reduce pain and discomfort in external injuries and internal diseases, due to the inflow of the required amount of additional energy to the cells
Provides acceleration of all recovery processes and has a bioregulatory, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effect
* Стоимость программы указана без учета спецпредложений. Подробное описание программ и противопоказания уточнять у консультанта компании Aqua Tornado.
Fills the body with vital energy
- strengthens the cardiovascular system - has a positive effect on the joints and the musculoskeletal system - has a beneficial effect on the work of the central and peripheral nervous systems
The course fee also includes:
1. Salt + Soda
2. Salt + Elixir
3. Oxygen 30 min
4. Functional water Aqua Tornado
5. Diet recommendations
6. Exercise recommendations
7. Breathing recommendations
8. Diving kit
9. Disposable underwear
10. Customer questionnaire (measurements, photos)
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